Lesley Mackintosh

Wealth Planner

Diploma For Financial Advisers (DipFA)

Lesley is the founder of Independent Women, Succession’s specialist division providing financial advice and services for women.

With over 25 years’ experience as a financial adviser, and over 20 as the leader of her own firm, Lesley has an impressive depth of experience and knowledge of all aspects of financial services. She is a firm believer that financial security and health and happiness go hand in hand and that a body of advisers dedicated to achieving this for their clients is a fabulous service. Her first love is being an expert financial adviser and helping women to achieve their financial ambitions. She works closely with her clients, maintaining long-standing relationships across industries, geographies and backgrounds.

Lesley is passionate about making the industry more accessible to women: in improving the recognition of women as an important economic force; in attracting women into the industry, particularly as advisers; and informing and empowering women to have the best financial opportunities.

"I am a regular contributor to the financial press and online forums; I am also active in local and national charities, as well as Collaborate Scotland – a professional board that assists in finding collaborative solutions to separation, divorce and family matters."

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