Financial Management

Our panel of market-leading product and investment providers work with us to deliver a range of options tailored to your circumstances and risk profile, and your capital-building aspirations. Everyone hopes to see their wealth grow, and it is only by creating the right blend of products that we can help you achieve your longer-term goals.

Regular savings

This is the obvious starting point for the young and ambitious to begin to accumulate wealth. We offer access to a range of products that can be used in a flexible and tax-efficient way. From Individual Savings Accounts (ISA), unit trusts, investment trusts or regular savings plans, we have the solution you need. For children, we can offer a range of Junior ISAs that can even be funded by grandparents looking to help your child buy their first house, or perhaps pay for private education. Junior ISAs give you the peace of mind of saving for loved ones, safe in the knowledge they can’t have the money until aged 18.


With so many employers offering at best, a basic workplace pension scheme, the choices for a comfortable retirement are looking less and less rosy for those without a plan in place. If fewer people are working, and more retiring, it is only a matter of time before the value and availability of even the basic state pension is either eroded or removed entirely. It is, therefore, more important than ever to think about and start planning for your future.

We offer advice on a range of products and solutions from leading investment and pension providers, ensuring you benefit from the tax planning expertise and specialist experience of our advisers who will consider the bigger picture before offering advice or making recommendations.

Protection Plans

When life does not work out as expected, it is important to be protected. Our advisers work with you to identify, then prioritise, affordable solutions to meet the needs of you and your family.

By working with leading financial institutions, we can provide highly competitive plans designed to reassure you that the savings you are building up are protected in the case of
illness, injury or death.

Property Purchase

In most instances the house we buy, improve or aspire to is the single biggest investment we will ever make. It is also somewhere we call home, so the decision we make over how we fund that purchase is very important indeed.

This is where our advisers can really add value as it is not just a question of who you borrow the money from, but also about what product you use. Should you opt for a fixed rate or variable mortgage? Repayment or interest-only secured by way of another asset such as your pension or investment savings? Should you choose capped or collared, or maybe tracker? Mortgages can be a minefield without a specialist at your side, and a Succession Mortgage Adviser provides that expertise, guiding you through the process to select the most appropriate deal to suit your career and lifestyle.

Our panel of mortgage lenders offer market-leading, specialist deals, and we feel sure that we can deliver a cost-effective solution to suit your specific needs. Our highly qualified advisers take pride in providing an advice-led service, offering an initial consultation and ongoing contact in a manner that suits your needs, with clear charging and service levels, so you know exactly what to expect. When you have a complex decision to make about your financial future and the protection of your family, you need to know that an experienced adviser will invest time in helping you see the bigger picture.

Your Succession Financial Adviser takes the time to get to know you well, understand your unique priorities and needs, with a comprehensive analysis of your expenditure and savings habits that builds into a personal profile for you.

The Financial Management clients of today, are the Wealth Management clients of tomorrow.


A fee of 1% of the loan, subject to a minimum of £250 and a maximum of £500, payable once a Decision in Principle has been secured from the recommended lender. We will also be paid commission from the lender once the loan completes. Fee Example #1 Loan required £50,000 x 1% = £500, Fee Example #2 Loan required £250,000 x 1% = £2500 exceeds cap so only £500 fee

We offer a restricted advice service. We will advise and make a recommendation for you after we have assessed your needs. We offer advice on limited types of products from a limited number of companies.

If we are unable to offer a suitable solution that meets your objectives and needs, we will not make a personal recommendation.