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2. Employement History

Please give details of all jobs held in the last 10 years, including part time and unpaid work, starting with your current or most recent employer.

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Job title(s); key responsibilities & key achievements.

Reason for leaving and date of leaving.

3. Personal Statement

Please outline why you have applied for this position and how you can demonstrate the necessary skills and attributes required of the post.

4. Educational, Technical and Professional Qualifications

Please name any awarding institute or professional body in full and include attainment level specifying relevant grades or grade of membership.

5. Personal Development

Please include any courses, membership, voluntary work or responsibilities you have obtained that you consider relevant, with outcomes where applicable.

6. Other Skills

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Languages spoken/written (please indicate level of competence).

7. Personal Information (Kept Confidential)

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If the job requires it:

1. Are you willing to relocate?

2. Are you willing to travel?

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If yes, please give details:

Do you have armed service/public duty commitments? (eg are you a member of the TA/ a JP/ a councillor, etc.

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Please indicate two people who can provide references - one of whom should be your present/most recent employer.

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Type of reference (work or personal)



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8. Other Information

How/where did you hear about this vacancy?

Have you made an application to this organisation before?

If yes, please give details:

Are you currently eligible for employment in the UK?

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?

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Do you have any adverse financial history?

If yes, please give details. (Declarations are subject to Succession policy and Experian credit check.)

Data Protection Statement

The information that you provide on this form and that obtained from other relevant sources will be used to process your application for employment. The personal information that you give us will also be used in a confidential manner to help us monitor our recruitment process.

If you succeed in your application and take up employment with us, the information will be used in the administration of your employment with us and to provide you with information about us or a third party via your payslip. We may also use the information if there is a complaint or legal challenge relevant to this recruitment process.

We may check the information collected, with third parties or with any other information held by us. We may also use or pass to third parties, information to prevent or detect crime, to protect public funds, or in other ways as permitted by law.

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9. Declaration

I declare to the best of my knowledge and belief, all particulars I have given in all parts of this application form are complete and true. I understand that any false declaration or misleading statement or a significant omission may disqualify me from employment and render me liable to dismissal. I understand that any job offer is subject to references, checks on relevant qualifications, employment eligibility and criminal convictions, a probationary period and (if the organisation believes it appropriate) a medical report, all of which must be deemed by the organisation as satisfactory.