Ross Bolton – Sheffield

Wealth Planner

Ross has been advising clients in a personal & business capacity for 30 years and many of those clients are still with him. In the main, his clients have been through the phase of accumulating funds – whether through hard work, thrift, skill or inheritance – and his role is to listen to what they want their money to do for them, providing support in planning financially for a long & healthy life.

Throughout that journey he’ll ensure your funds are protected where possible from unnecessary taxation and help you plan that as much as possible is kept within the family after your death.

Ross could talk ISA, PP, SIPP, SSAS, FIB, PHI, CIC, IHT, EIS, VCT and other such abbreviations all day long, but you can go anywhere for that, or simply google them all! The terminology doesn’t really excite him and if there’s one thing he has learned through all these years is that in general it probably doesn’t do it for you either.

If life were to be compared to a 2 week holiday many of Ross’s clients are into their 2nd week……..think back to your last holiday and remember how fast that 2nd period goes. If that reminds you that you really ought to set aside some time to look at all that ‘stuff’ around your money & life –  let Ross know, arrange to meet him and see if you have a basis to work together.

Ross lives in the Hope Valley in Derbyshire, a beautiful spot to run with the dog, ride a bike, hit a small white ball or watch his wife ride a horse.

07976 323790

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