Independent Women has been acquired by national wealth management business Succession Group to provide independent financial advice for women.

As part of Succession Group, Independent Women makes independent financial advice for women a national proposition for the very first time.

Independent Women is the UK’s longest running provider of independent
financial advice dedicated to women.  Founded in 1997 by pioneer and
entrepreneur Lesley Mackintosh, the firm specialises in providing
independent financial advice with a difference.

Remaining at the helm of the firm as Managing Director, Mackintosh
sees a bright future ahead for women’s financial advice:

“There has never been a better time for us than now.  Women’s issues
have had a major push in recent years, particularly in financial
services where traditionally there has been a significant gender
imbalance.  That tends to mean a different delivery of service and
often women have found that what was on offer was misaligned with
their needs.  We are proud to advocate services for women and know
from experience what a difference the right advice and support can

Lesley Mackintosh, Managing Director of Independent Women continued:
“Choosing International Women’s Day to launch nationally speaks
volumes about our beliefs.  We want to give our clients every
opportunity to achieve all they desire.  With firm financial
foundations, it allows other aspects of their lives – from career to
family life – to flourish.  Financial freedom and confidence is
enormously important for anyone and having a like-minded expert with
you on the journey is immeasurably beneficial.”

Helping clients achieve financial independence is key to the
Independent Women brand.  From savings, investment and retirement
planning through to life’s more complicated challenges such as
separation, divorce and bereavement, Independent Women’s expert
services are now available to all.

Succession’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Simon Chamberlain,
commented: “With Succession’s acquisition of Independent Women,
clients have an opportunity to choose the service most appropriate for
them.  Many women – and indeed men – would prefer their planner to
be a woman.  Succession recognises this requirement and Independent
Women has been established to deliver this proposition for our

Independent Women’s specialist advice will be available throughout
Succession Group’s regional network of client-servicing hubs.