Investment Management

Succession’s ongoing aim is to give our clients the best possible chance of consistent investment returns that reflect modern and transparent investment and pension facilities that come with highly competitive charging structures. Thus under our model we outsource fund management to leading investment managers.

The Succession Investment Committee, which includes Rayner Spencer Mills Research, meet once a month to conduct this review and we are then updated with the minutes of these monthly meetings and have regular conference calls to discuss the underlying performance of the various Strategic Investment Partners. Also, we have direct access to our Managers and regularly meet with them.

A vital component of our Investment Proposition is that we are granted access to the services of Rayner Spencer Mills Research, one of the country’s leading independent fund and investment research companies. They have researched the wider Investment Management markets and have approved a series of Strategic Investment Partners that we are then happy to recommend to our clients.

We have engaged Rayner Spencer Mills Research to monitor on a monthly basis how each of our preferred Investment Partners and the Model Portfolios perform and also to ensure that the Managers invest our client’s monies within the agreed risk and tolerances.

Each of these Investment Partners offer a range of risk rated Model Portfolios or Funds, which is matched to your risk profile thus ensuring that your monies are invested in line with your required investment parameters. Selected Strategic Partners also offer an on platform fully bespoke discretionary fund management service in addition to their Model Portfolio service.

We will only recommend an on-platform or model investment solution, where this is in your best interest and in line with your objectives.

Ours is a very proactive investment process and if the Succession Investment Committee have serious concerns over the performance or management of our preferred Investment Partners  then a change may be proposed.