Estate Planning

You work hard making sacrifices to build your wealth during your lifetime, in the knowledge that if you fail to organize your affairs correctly then there is a good chance that the Taxman will become one of the largest single beneficiaries of your estate when you leave this world.

Naturally as you enter later life your thoughts may start to focus on passing your wealth on to your children and or grandchildren.

At this point in your life you may be looking for help in understanding the impact of gifting cash or assets to your beneficiaries to help them in achieving their financial objectives. This is where Your Succession Plan will be able to provide you with the confidence to make those decisions.

Gifting assets at this point also has the effecting of potentially reducing the value of your estate that will ultimately be assessed for inheritance tax.

You may also be considering providing a tax free lump sum to your beneficiaries on your death in order that they have the ability to settle any inheritance tax without having to sell assets within your estate.

As always your Succession Wealth Planner will be on hand to walk you through this process.