The Key to Success
for Private Wealth Planning Clients


The first and most important step of The Key to Success, this is the beginning of your journey to financial freedom.

Your Succession Wealth Planner will seek to gain an understanding of your hopes, dreams and ambitions in order to discover what’s really important to you.

Once this is understood Your Succession Wealth Planner can work with you to define your vision of the life you desire both now and in the future.

Next Step - Analysis


Your Succession Wealth Planner will now look to obtain an in-depth knowledge of your current financial circumstances.

No doubt there will be an enormous amount of information to be gathered about your current situation. This could include details on current savings, investments, borrowing, property, wills, pensions, insurance along with income and expenditure, tax and much more.

Whilst this is a labour-intensive process for all parties concerned, it will provide us with a clearer picture of what resources you have available to you in both now and in the future to assist you in achieving your future goals and objectives.

Next Step - Plan


Having obtained an in-depth understanding of your vision for the future and the resources available to you in order to assist in achieving your goals and objectives, your Succession Wealth Planner will now be in a position to deliver Your Succession Plan.

Designed to clarify your current financial position, set out clearly the actions required for you to achieve your goals and aspirations, as well as providing a visual representation of the financial future you could look forward to by implementing our recommendations, Your Succession Plan will incorporate lifetime wealth forecasts tailored to your personal circumstances, providing you with peace of mind that you are on track or to assist you in taking action to create direction for you if you are not.

Your Succession Plan is a bespoke roadmap to your financial future.

Next Step - Action


Now it is time to implement the agreed strategies from Your Succession Plan.

This stage of the process is usually the most straightforward. However it can be time-consuming for your Succession Wealth Planning team, as it may involve restructuring existing arrangements and quite possibly implementing additional ones.

Your Succession Wealth Planner and associated Wealth Planning Team will ensure that the transition is completed in a smooth and timely manner.

Next Step - Certainty


Your Succession Plan is a living breathing document the progress of which will need to be monitored by your personal Succession Wealth Planner on a regular basis to ensure you remain on course to achieve your desired goals.

Your Succession Wealth Planner will work alongside your other professional advisers, updating your lifetime wealth forecast and recommending any changes required on an annual basis to ensure your personal financial goals and objectives are achieved.

This stage of the process is essential in providing you with peace of mind and the certainty that you will have the best chance of living the life you desire without the fear of running out of money.

Next Step - Your Succession Plan

Your Succession Plan

Your Succession Plan will highlight whether or not, based on your current planning, you are on target to achieve your goals identified through Succession’s unique Key to Success process.

If you are not, then it will set out the actions required to bring you back on track so as to ensure you have sufficient income and or capital to live the life you desire without the fear of running out of money.

Furthermore, it will recommend strategies around Estate Planning, Long Term Care and Debt Repayment, as well as identifying any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your plan, and how you can protect against these.

Your Succession Plan is a living document that evolves with you. It is monitored and adjusted on an ongoing basis by your Succession Wealth Planner so as to ensure you remain on track to achieve you truly desire.

We understand that along the way unforeseen issues may arise and if encountered we will work with you to ensure these obstacles are overcome.