Jason Mills

Associate Wealth Planner


Thriving in high-pressure environments, Jason proves pivotal in supporting organisations with demanding operational tempos. Beyond his technical expertise, he stands out as an excellent communicator and arbitrator, adept at building robust business relationships in both the public and private sectors.

Possessing the ability to positively challenge existing practices, Jason excels in directing change through coaching and mentorship, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. His success is rooted in a leadership style that values collaboration, a sense of humour, and unwavering respect for others. In every pursuit, Jason is dedicated to achieving high-quality outcomes, making him a respected and impactful professional in his field.

I’m Jason Mills, a former Royal Marine Commando turned financial advisor with 23 years of military service. Beyond finance, I have a keen interest in technical rebreather diving, surfing and climbing in and around Devon.

Outside of work I prioritise spending time with my family and friends and love to travel and explore new countries. My love for exploration extends globally and I was fortunate to organise and manage the Royal Navy prime diving expedition to Sardinia in 2023. I approach challenges with a blend of professionalism, a sense of humour, and respect for others.

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