Your First Meeting

Our first meeting is a chance for us to get to know each other a little better. It’s an opportunity for you to get a sense of whether we are the ‘right fit’ for you and whether we will be able to help you achieve your objectives.

What you can expect at your first meeting

All initial meetings are with no obligation.

For us, it’s an important opportunity to establish your situation and what you hope to achieve, as well as the things that matter to you. Having an open conversation allows us to give you an honest appraisal of where we feel we can help, how we can add value, and what we will be able to do to help you to achieve your ambitions.

You can expect to leave the meeting with a clear idea of what the next steps will be, and how much we will charge, if you decide to engage our services.

Our work is focused on helping you achieve success. You can expect:

  • To be listened to with sensitivity

  • To be treated with respect and as an individual

  • Answers to your questions about whether we can help you

  • A clear plan for the next stage of your journey with us

  • A clear and detailed summary of the costs you will incur

  • FCA-regulated independent advice

Our approach provides you with answers to your questions and a personalised plan based around your unique financial aspirations. By taking the time to get to know you as an individual, we can build a solid plan that incorporates all the things that matter most to you.

Find out more about how we do that and what you can expect from us at each stage of your financial planning journey.

What can I expect from my financial planning journey?

As part of our ongoing wealth management services, we intend to be with you for the journey. To ensure your financial plan keeps pace with any changes in your life and the world around you, we remain available and in regular contact with you.

Our regular planning meetings are a chance for you to tell us about changes to your circumstances, goals, or requirements. And they are also an important opportunity for us to update you on how well your financial arrangements are working for you, and discuss options if any changes are required.

Ongoing services are chargeable and can be cancelled at any time.


Our job is to help you feel more confident about your financial position and ambitions, so we believe in taking a straightforward and transparent approach to our fees.

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It’s a great way to get your questions answered and find out if financial planning is for you. Initially it is just a chance for us to get to know each other and understand better if our services can help you.

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