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Our specialist Succession Sports advisers are dedicated to supporting the unique financial requirements of people working within the sports profession.

Helping you achieve financial freedom

As a team of Wealth Planners and investment experts who are highly experienced and focussed on working with professional sports men and women, we understand how to help you achieve financial independence and the life you want to live.

We know that as an elite sports person you have unique requirements and need to plan for your future early. Our role is to help you make that plan, avoid costly errors, and achieve financial wellbeing both now and after your retirement.

A trusted adviser

We are trusted advisers to many high-profile sporting professionals and their families. The close relationships we build are the result of the time we invest in getting to know you, your concerns, what matters to you, and what you want to achieve.

Our clients know that their privacy will never be compromised by working with us. And we often work closely with clients’ other professional advisers, so if you have your own specialist tax adviser, accountant or lawyers, we will happily collaborate with them.

Working alongside agents

Although we are fully independent Wealth Planners, we have established professional relationships with chosen sports agencies. Our contacts with agencies refer us to their clients because they value and trust our high-quality advice, our exceptional client service and the peace of mind we provide. With our guidance, their clients can be confident their long-term financial security is being taken care of.

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For full details of our dedicated services for sports professionals, please get in touch to arrange a meeting, make an enquiry or request a copy of our brochure. Contact us on:
T: 01722 413348

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We all work together and support each other. So, when you engage one of our Wealth Planners, you benefit from their expertise, and the collected skill and experience of our whole national network of colleagues as well.

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