Warwick Ivel

Wealth Planner

Diploma in Financial Services (DipFS)

Warwick has worked as an IFA for 12 years having previously worked as a financial adviser in banks and building societies. He prides himself on providing excellent service.
Warwick deals with clients investing, building wealth for retirement, retiring and clients that need help with later life planning. Later this year he will have been working as an advisor for 25 years.

I live in York with my wife and children. I grow my own organic fruit and veg on my allotment. I am treasurer for the Bootham Stray Allotments Association and site secretary. I also keep bees and I am passionate about saving and protecting them as without them we are in big trouble. I have six hives and I am hoping for a good summer to expand.

I volunteer with Kitchen for Everyone (KEY) and provide outreach services on a Saturday night and breakfasts on a Sunday morning.

I have recently had a sea fishing trip to Norway and caught cod in excess of 40lbs and my first Halibut which was around 40lbs. I am planning another trip to Norway this year and hope to catch bigger fish. I also follow York Knights.

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