Investment Matrix

Our belief is that professional financial planning is the key to achieving client value – not market timing or stock selection.

We are proud of our Investment Matrix, which we have developed to provide a progressive investment proposition, focused on providing solutions which, as a result of our governance, regular review, and due diligence, gives you peace of mind that your money has sufficient oversight. Our Matrix also groups solutions according to their relationship between risk and reward, aiming to provide an outcome in line with your risk profile.

The Matrix allows us to identify the right solution for you, based on your financial ambitions and risk profile. The main features of the Investment Matrix include:

  • Wide coverage of investment choices to help meet a broad range of needs and objectives

  • Multi-asset class solutions, underpinned by diversification within asset classes and the principal of risk versus reward

  • A robust governance process for all investment solutions contained within the Matrix

  • Ongoing due diligence and monitoring of investment solutions